Monday, December 21, 2009

Don't Be Silly Darling, It's Just Wine

I love a good glass of wine.  Kicking back at the end of the day with a nice glass of wine is one of life's little pleasures, and it could also be good for you. A few years ago reports came out suggesting that a glass of red wine per day protects against heart disease and can even reduce the risk of heart attack in middle aged people by 30-50%.

Although I like both red and white wine, I'm partial to red.  When it comes to red wine I'm not picky.  I like them all, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Bergamais, they're all wonderful.  Since I like all red wine, the bottle, as well as the label plays a big role in my selection, and a lot of times I discover some of my new favorites this way.   To me, picking out the wine is part of the pleasure.  Case in point, my current favorite.  Mad Housewife Merlot.  The label on this one caught my eye and peaked my curiosity.

 The back of the label reads:

"Somewhere near the cool shadows
of the laundry room. Past the litter
box and between the plastic yard
toys. This is your time. Time to enjoy
a moment to yourself.
A moment without the madness.
The dishes can wait.
Dinner be damned.
Mad Housewife Merlot."

Not only was the label trendy and funny but I identified with it!

The wine was actually VERY good.  I visited their website to see what other products they have and while there I discovered this t-shirt.

 We all know I love pink.  And I'm really starting to like the pink and brown combination we're seeing everywhere these days.  And the saying on the front?  It sealed the deal! The shirt also comes in pink with a brown logo, but somehow the brown one "grabbed" me.  I loved it as much as I loved the label on the wine bottle so I just had to have it.

Several days later my cute shirt arrived in the mail, along with a little freebie they threw in.  What a nice touch!

Here is the website if you'd like to see more.

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Blia said...

My husband is a wine collector too. He loves Cabernet Savignon (spelling???), so anywhere we go he will buy the neatest bottles of just that kind of wine. I guess he's just a Cabernet Savignon collector then. By the way, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

Anonymous said...

We at Mad Housewife simply LOVE this blog! We posted it to our FB ( and Twitter ( We are so glad you enjoy the wine and the t-shirt! Thank you so much for sharing.... Cheers!

Closer to Lucy said...

Sonya~ Lovely blog darling! Love~love~love the pink and chic glam! You are my blog of the week! Go see your post!

You may also be interested in my MHW sangria recipe.

Anonymous said...

nice, i just made tons of another emo backgrounds to my blog

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