Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moleskine Art Journal Pages

My beautiful daughter gave me a Moleskine sketchbook for Christmas which I absolutely love. The pages hold up so well under all kinds of abuse and it's the perfect size for art journaling. I've completed a few pages in it so far, the latest being the one I did last night.

My goal for this page was for it to have a very vintage feel to it. I've always thought that vintage nude photos are so beautiful, so I named this page

I'm still practicing the layering technique on my pages, and I did several layers on this one. I do seem to be getting a little better at it, I think.

I really like how this spread turned out and I can't decide if I should do anything else to it... or if I should even journal on it, so I'm leaving it as it is... for now.

And speaking of journaling...

the new issue of Art Journaling Magazine arrived in my mailbox this week, so my plan for this evening is to get cozy, listen to the rain, and lose myself in this beautiful magazine for a few hours. What a glorious way to spend a rainy evening!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Art Journaling

My art journal is coming right along. My favorite time of the day is the time I spend with my art journal. It's very therapeutic and relaxing and I'm so glad I started on this creative journey. I have completed several backgrounds in my journal, but have yet to write on most of them.

I've managed to get over my fear of the blank page, but now I'm trying to force the actual writing, which is causing me to hit a creative brick wall. I decided that rather than getting frustrated I would set them aside and wait until the words come to me. Chasing them will only make them run faster and further away.

This is one of my very favorite backgrounds, and my first 'somewhat successful' attempt at layering. I put the paint on with a damp makeup sponge wedge and wow, the texture it created was wonderful and so much different than using a paint brush.

One of my main sources of inspiration is looking at the artwork of others. I just finished reading my issue of Art Journaling Magazine. It took me a month because I read it cover to cover and I try to just 'soak up' some of the creative energy from the very talented artists featured in the magazine.

I have ordered the Winter 2010 issue, which will hopefully come this week. What a beautiful and inspiring magazine this is! Full of tips, techniques, and pictures of amazing work.

The weather here has been so cold, perfect for getting cozy and playing in my art journal, which is what I'm off to do now. So until next time, be inspired!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Relaxing With Zentangles

My first Zentangle.

I have always been a "doodler". I doodle when I'm on the phone, in meetings, in the waiting room at the doctor's office..pretty much anytime there's a pen in my hand and something to write on. I sometimes even doodle while I'm watching t.v. Seems my hands always have to be busy doing something creative. When I was in high school, doodling during a lecture helped me to keep my mind from wandering and also kept me from getting bored or zoning out.

So what is Zentangle? Zentangle is really just a fancy, contained doodle. This fun art form is a method to make beautiful images using repetitive patterns. It's easy to learn, simple, relaxing, and very addicting!! I often make Zentangles when I don't have the time or the resources to paint. All you need is a pen (I use a Uniball Vision Elite black gel pen, but any fine point gel pen or marker will work nicely) and a piece of paper.

After doing a little research, I learned that the reason daydreaming is so distracting is that it requires a lot of the brain's processing power. Studies have shown that doodling requires very little thinking, but uses just enough cognitive effort to keep your mind focused and keep it from daydreaming, but not so much that you can't pay attention, during a meeting for example.

The art of Zentangle has been described as deeply relaxing, and even meditative, and I must say I was surprised at how completely relaxed and calm I was after working on my first Zentangle. From that point on I was hooked and I just can't get enough of it!

Zentangle in progress.

Zentangles can be incorporated into your artwork, or your art journal pages, but after doing a couple of them, I decided to make a separate art journal just for my Zentangles. To learn more you can visit the Zentangle website at

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise!

I recently returned from a short trip to visit my mother who lives in Tennessee. Let me tell you a little about my Mom. She is 75 years old and very old fashioned....i mean really old-fashioned. She believes in keeping up with the times to a point, but some of these "new fangled" inventions just aren't for her. For instance, she doesn't even own a microwave, much less *gasp* a computer or internet. Soooo, I have been MIA from blog land for the past week. (Yes, I was beginning to go through withdrawals!) Upon my return I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find out that "A Thing for Pink" has been named Blog of the Week by a lovely blogger and fellow lover of all things vintage and Pink!

The blog I'm referring to is a delightful blog called "Closer to Lucy". One look at her blog and I knew immediately she was not only a "Sister in Pink", but a fellow "Mad Housewife" as well! This blog has everything I love in a blog, and I have spent hours reading her current, as well as her archived posts. Needless to say, I was very excited to be honored by someone whose blog I not only enjoy, but get so much inspiration from as well!

If you're like me and love all things vintage and pink, hop on over and check it out. You'll be glad you did!

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